Get Ready For Standing-Room Only Air Travel

ryan air

You have to love the crazy cost cutters at Irish carrier Ryanair.

The company’s CEO Michael O’Leary is something of a money-saving savant, having pioneered such innovations as charging for the lavatory, charging for luggage, and preventing employees from charging their cell phones at work (to save on electricity!).

But the result is that fares are dirt cheap, a couple dollars on some flights, so some people love it.

The latest proposed innovation: standing-room tickets in the cabin:

The Daily Mail reports:

The Irish air carrier plans to cut costs by making fliers perch on stools with seatbelts around their waists.

Chief executive Michael O’Leary has already held talks with US plane manufacturer Boeing about designing an aircraft with standing room.

Should the idea get the go-ahead from the Irish Aviation Authority, the airline plans to either order new jets or refurbish its existing fleet.

Ryanair estimates it would be able to pack in 30 per cent more passengers while slashing costs by 20 per cent.

Would you do it? We would. Sitting down in a chair sucks, and it makes your legs feel cramped. Better to be standing. Besides, flights inside Europe are rarely too long, so what’s the worst it could be? If we could pay $15 for a standing-room flight to Boston, DC, or Chicago, we’d do that too.

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