Get Ready For Pre-Teens To Make Headlines At The X Games This Week

X Games 18 begins June 28 in Los Angeles, and this year a trio of pre-teen phenoms are planning to take over one of the biggest events of the weekend, the Big Air competition.

11-year-olds Jagger Eaton will be the youngest participant in the history of the X Games, and he’s joined by fellow 11-year-old Troy Wood and 12-year-old star Tom Schaar, the first skateboarder to ever successfully land a 1080.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Big Air MegaRamp, the event involves skaters dropping down a massive roll-in and tricking over a 70-foot gap to a 27-foot quarterpipe. It’s a structure that has made for some of the biggest tricks in skateboard history, as well as some of the nastiest falls.

The X Games has a history of inviting young participants, but these kids aren’t simply publicity stunts. If Schaar can land another 1080 in competition, or debut a rumoured 1260, he could potentially become the youngest medal winner ever.

 Watch Schaar, Wood and Eaton practice MegaRamp runs below.

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