Get ready for more personalised travel info thanks to Lonely Planet’s new partnership with Amazon-backed software company Acquia

Planning your next travel trip? Photo: iStock
  • Melbourne-headquartered travel publisher Lonely Planet has entered a partnership with software company Acquia to create more user-friendly experiences on its platform.
  • Lonely Planet is going to integrate Acquia’s web personalisation tool, Acquia Lift, to give users preferred content on its site.
  • Amazon is one of Acquia’s investors, alongside venture capital outfits Sigma Partners and Tenaya Capital.

Your travel experience may be about to become a little bit more personalised after Lonely Planet partnered with Amazon-backed software company Acquia.

Acquia – which counts Amazon among its investors – is an open source platform than provides businesses with software to improve the customer experience.

It aims to help Lonely Planet become a more user-friendly website by offering content that is personalised to each visitor. In a statement, the company described this as “streamlined navigation capabilities for travel discovery, inspiration and trip planning”.

Lonely Planet is going to integrate Acquia’s web personalisation tool, Acquia Lift, to give users preferred content and experiences.

According to Acquia’s website, personalisation includes showing users regional content depending on their location and showing more content around a specific topic if someone searches about it a heap of times.

The technology is designed to encourage “engagement” and “loyalty” among users.

“We are highly focused on offering not only the best content for our travellers, but the best place for that content to be accessed and experienced,” Lonely Planet’s CEO and president, Luis Cabrera said in a statement. “We recognise that travel needs change from person to person, moment to moment. This approach will allow us to go where no other travel brand can go.”

The partnership comes amid Lonely Planet’s stronger push into the digital space. In April 2019 it acquired TRILL Travel which analyses pictures and automatically creates links to booking websites.

Acquia surpassed US$200 million in revenue in June off the back of deals with brands including Panasonic, Tetley Tea and Warner Music Group.

“Lonely Planet recognises the value of putting the right technology in place to provide the best digital experience for their customers,” Acquia chief marketing officer Lynne Capozzi said in a statement.

“Our work together supports Lonely Planet’s accelerated tech advancements by providing its users with cohesive and personalized experiences across today’s channels and devices, as well as future ones growing in popularity.”

So the only thing you’ll have to ask is ‘Where to next?’