Get Ready For Bank Of America’s Earnings Call Tomorrow

6:30 alarm clock wake up

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We’re always up bright and early, but tomorrow morning will be especially exciting. That’s because Bank of America will be reporting earnings.According to Bloomberg Q4 revenue is estimated at $23.49 billion with consensus on earnings per share (EPS) coming in at 13 cents. That’S down from what we saw earlier this month when Deutsche Bank had consensus at on EPS at 19 cents.

As for year over year projections, Bloomberg has consensus on EPS at 90 cents with revenue coming in at $95.53 billion.

Analysts have some reason for optimism. Q3 was the only quarter in 2011 when revenue actually grew (by 4%) so it’s possible that the trend up will continue. But there are massive headwinds here ($500 million in litigation, for example), and so far earnings season for JP Morgan, Citi, and Goldman Sachs has been less than stell (or bad, in some cases), so we can can only wait and see.