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Today kicks off a week of tech news and events from just about every major company.It’s the perfect storm. Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google, and perhaps a few others are all planning major product announcements and launches between today and October 29.

Add that to earnings reports from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix, and you can see how the folks in the tech world are going to have an exhausting few days.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything coming this week:

iPad Mini
Apple is holding a press event on October 23 to formally announce the so-called iPad Mini, a smaller and cheaper version of the iPad. It’s said to have a 7.85-inch display and cost between $249 and $329. Apple may also announce a new version of iBooks, a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, and the launch date for the new version of iTunes. Finally, Apple may change the full-sized iPad to include the same smaller dock connector the iPhone 5 has.

Galaxy Note II
Samsung is expected to announce finalised pricing and availability for the phone/tablet hybrid Galaxy Note II on October 24. The company is hosting a big party in New York that evening to celebrate the launch.

Windows 8
Microsoft’s new operating system for tablets and PCs launches October 26. So far, it appears consumers are confused by Windows 8’s radical new interface. But we still expect people to get used to it over time. Still, early reviews of the OS have been pretty good. Microsoft’s manufacturing partners will have several new devices available on launch day.

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s first tablet will launch on October 26. It runs a slightly different version of Windows 8 called Windows RT, which only has the touch-based interface. Microsoft began accepting pre-orders for the Surface last week. It starts at $499. You can get it with the special keyboard cover for $599.

Windows Phone 8
Microsoft will take the wraps off its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, at a press event in San Francisco on October 29. Windows Phone 8 will debut on Nokia’s new Lumia 920 and HTC’s Windows Phone 8x. Both phones should be available early next month.

New Nexus phone from Google and LG
Google has reportedly chosen LG to make this year’s new flagship Nexus phone. According to several leaks, the phone has some very impressive specs. Google will formally announce the so-called LG Nexus 4 at a press event in New York on October 29.

New Nexus 7 Tablet with 32 GB storage
Google’s well-received Nexus 7 tablet will also get an upgrade starting October 29. The Nexus 7 will have a 32 GB storage option plus the ability to connect to cellular data networks. It’s also possible the 8 GB model will drop in price to a very enticing $99.

New 10-inch tablet from Google and Samsung
Finally, Google is expected to announce a new tablet from Samsung at the October 29 event. The 10-inch tablet will likely be called the Nexus 10. Early reports suggest it will have a better screen resolution than the third-generation iPad.

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