Get ready for a heatwave, Australia

Photo: Jung Yeon-Je/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Welcome to summer.

An extreme heatwave is due to hit southeast Queensland tomorrow with Brisbane expected to experience its hottest December day in 15 years.

NSW, South Australia and the Northern Territory are also expected to be hit with stifling temperatures as a heatwave moves down the eastern side of the country.

Parts of Sydney will reach 38 degrees tomorrow.

While it might be the perfect opportunity to chuck a sickie, NSW minister for emergency services David Elliott said summer is shaping up to be an extremely challenging this year with hotter and drier conditions expected.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a heatwave warning for southern QLD and adjacent areas across adjoining states including through northern NSW, far northeast SA and far southern NT.

Severe to extreme heatwave conditions are expected to intensify on Friday and Saturday.

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