GET READY: Every Super Tuesday Election Poll In One Place

The 2012 Republican nomination has had its twists and turns, and even though it looks like Romney is on his way to the nomination, he’s unlikely to sweep all 10 primary contests next week. A big surge by his opponents could draw out the battle all the way to Tampa. 

Here is your definitive guide to all the polls for Super Tuesday.

Georgia (76 Delegates)
  Romney    Gingrich    Paul    Santorum    Undecided     Survey USA 23 39 9 24 5 Landmark/Rosetta  Stone   19 38 5 25 13 Rasmussen 26 38 7 20 6 Insider Advantage 23.9 25.9 11.7 22.8 11.3 There is no question that Gingrich must win Georgia. The speaker said as much last Thursday in Atlanta. “I have to win Georgia, I think, to be credible in the race.” After his defeat in Florida, Gingrich has been spending a majority of his time and money in the state.

Ohio (66 Delegates)
  Romney    Gingrich    Paul    Santorum    Undecided     Rasmussen 31 15 11 33 8 Quinnipiac 31 17 12 35 6 Ohio Poll 26 16 11 37 5 Ohio is shaping up to be one of the most critical states on Super Tuesday. After winning in Michigan and Arizona, Mitt Romney has closed in on Rick Santorum’s lead. And Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum seem to be in a dead heat. (Though Santorum seems to be pulling ahead.) Santorum’s advantage in the Rasmussen and Quinnipiac polls are both within the sureveys’ sampling error. 

Virgina (49 Delegates)
  Romney    Gingrich    Paul    Santorum    Undecided    Christopher Newport U.

53   23   12Roanoke College

56   21   23Quinnipiac

68   19   13 Despite their best efforts, Gingrich and Santorum both failed to meet the requirements to get on to the ballot. All signs point to Romney taking this one away. 

Massachusetts (41 Delegates)
  Romney    Gingrich    Paul    Santorum    Undecided    Suffolk/7News

64 6 7 16 6PPP

50 5  5 1      Massachusetts seems poised to vote for its former governor, Romney. But one interesting thing to note in the Suffolk poll, when asked who they thought would win the general election, Obama or the eventual Republican candidate, 59% of respondents said Obama.    Vermont (17 Delegates)
  Romney    Gingrich    Paul    Santorum    Undecided    Castleton State College

34  10 14 27  4  

Tennessee (58 Delegates)
  Romney    Gingrich    Paul    Santorum    Undecided    Middle TN State U.

19 13 11 40  Vanderbilt Poll

20 13  15 38  13  

Oklahoma (43 Delegates)
  Romney    Gingrich    Paul    Santorum    Undecided    Rasmussen

18 22 7 43

23 18  8 39  13
Alaska ( 27 Delegates) Idaho (32 Delegates) North Dakota (28 Delegates)Enough polling hasn’t been conducted for these three states. However all three are socially conservative states. During the 2008 election, Romeny won Alaska with 35 per cent, John McCain won Idaho with 70 per cent, and Mitt Romney won North Dakota with 36 per cent. 


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