Get Off The Bike Before You Have An Accident, Prime Minister's Former Doctor Warns Tony Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott during a Pollie Pedal. Photo: Mark Nolan / Getty Images

The physician who cared for prime ministers since Paul Keating says Tony Abbott should give up cycling and instead go for a morning walk like John Howard.

Dr Graeme Killer was also the Department of Veterans Affairs principal medical adviser and also cared for governors-general over the past 20 years before retiring from the roles on Christmas eve. He travelled with the prime ministers overseas.

He told The Australian that it’s inevitable Tony Abbott will have a bike accident.

“One day he’ll come off,” Dr Killer said. “My son’s a great cyclist, but of course he was riding down St Kilda Road and someone opened the door on a taxi and he went bang.” “His shoulder has been repaired but he can’t swim properly any more. He’s got sort of frozen shoulder.

“I really think the Prime Minister, he’d be advised to get a different sport.

“I encourage exercise totally, but riding a bike?”

He said the PM should instead follow in John Howard’s footsteps and take a daily walk instead.

“We all walked. Even the staff in the office, they all came along too.”

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