There's a magically easy way to get more space on your iPhone

Running out of storage is one of the worst things that can happen to your iPhone. And if you have a 16GB model, you probably run into the problem all too often.

We’ve already highlighted several clever ways to recover storage space on your iPhone. But nothing is quite as easy as a trick that’s been getting lots of attention in recent weeks after first surfacing on Reddit. It requires no purchases or extra apps to download and takes less than five minutes.

If you’re running dangerously low on storage, you’re going to want to give it a try:


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Open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone and find a movie to rent.

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Don't worry, you won't have to actually pay for the rental.

The catch is that the movie's file size needs to be larger than your available storage.

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We tried to download the latest 'Avengers' movie rental in HD on an iPhone with 700MB of available storage. The download is 6.51GB, so that obviously wasn't going to work.

Another good movie to try is 'War and Peace,' which clocks in at a whopping 8.86GB in HD.

You'll see this message that you don't have enough available space to download. Boo!

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But the good news is it looks like Apple buried a setting that will help you out.

Open your Settings app and tap on General and then About. You should see more available storage than you had before. We went from 700MB to 2.3GB like magic!

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We've been able to confirm that this isn't some bug or trick. Your iPhone actually has more free space. But it's unclear what kind of data it's removing from your phone, so be careful.

Keep trying to download the movie rental, and every time you'll add more storage to your device. We were able to go from 700MB to 3.5GB with a couple of tries.

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Once you free up enough space to actually download the movie, iTunes will try to charge you, so be careful. There doesn't appear to be a rhyme or reason to how much storage each attempt to download frees up.

We're not sure exactly how this trick works -- and Apple wouldn't say when we asked -- but it definitely frees up storage.

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