13 companies that love offering their interns full-time jobs

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/FlickrThese are the summer 2019 internships to take if you want a full-time job.

When it comes to the best internship programs, it’s a given that you won’t just be fetching coffee. Hopefully, the program ends with a job offer.

Career intelligence site Vault, in its annual ranking of internships, took a look at which companies are most likely to hire their interns.

To find the companies that rate highest for employment prospects, Vault surveyed 13,000 current and former interns from 120 internship programs. Vault asked interns to rate on a scale of one to 10 the “opportunity to obtain a full-time job with this organisation.”

Take a look below to see the 13 internships that ranked the highest. We also included the median pay for interns, according to their Glassdoor page, and what each company is looking for, according to their websites.

13. James G. Davis Construction

Location: Rockville, Maryland

$US17.50 an hour

Ideal for: Students studying construction management, architectural engineering, or a related field.

What the company says: “Throughout the 12-week internship, in addition to working full-time, we provided a jam-packed social calendar which enabled our interns to connect outside of the office.”

12. Plante Moran


Locations: Across Michigan, Ohio, and Chicago

Median pay:
$US24 an hour

Ideal for: Students studying accounting, finance, consulting, and other fields.

What the company says: “We treat interns like first-year staff. Although each internship is slightly different, most interns work on actual client projects, getting a real feel for the profession, the firm, and our clientele.”

11. Northwestern Mutual

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Median pay:
$US14 an hour

Ideal for: Students interested in finance, insurance, or sales.

What the company says: “Lay the foundation for a client base and a successful practice, with support from your office colleagues and the company. At Northwestern Mutual, you’ll work for yourself but never by yourself.”

10. CapTech

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Median pay:
$US25 an hour

Ideal for: Those looking to pursue a career as an IT consultant. Engineering and computer science majors are preferred.

What the company says: “Interns work in self-led teams and are paired with more senior consultants for coaching and mentorship. “

9. Perella Weinberg Partners

Locations: New York, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London

Median pay:$US72,000 to $US99,000 a year. (An hourly breakdown was not available.)

Ideal for: Students interested in financial services.

What the company says: “When you join Perella Weinberg Partners, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of deal teams and gain broad experience with varied products and industry sectors.”

8. Capital One (analyst internship program)

Locations: Chicago; New York; San Francisco; McLean, Virginia; Plano, Texas; Richmond, Virginia; and Wilmington, Delaware

Median pay:
$US20 an hour

Ideal for: Students entering their senior year of college seeking a summer internship in business, data, or strategy analysis.

What the company says: “Throughout their 10 weeks, interns will hear from many executive speakers and build relationships with their executive mentors, managers, teams, and other interns in the program.”

7. Infosys (InStep internship program)

Location: Global

Median pay:
$US17 an hour

Ideal for: Students from any academic background, including management, technology, or liberal arts.

What the company says: “Since its inception in 1999, InStep alumni have grown to 1250. In 2013, 150 talented professionals were hired from 100 top universities for strategic projects.”

6. Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP

Location: Bay Area

Median pay:
$US28 an hour

Ideal for: Accounting majors.

What the company says: “Interns are exposed to many different clients and industries, and work with all levels of employees during their summer with us.”

5. Excella (Extension Center Program)

Location: Blacksburg, Virginia

Median pay:
$US25 an hour

Ideal for: Undergraduates enrolled in a tech program who can work 10-12 hours per week during business hours.

What the company says: “Excella addresses the STEM skills shortage by engaging young people of varied backgrounds with the technology workforce through our Extension Center (XC) program.”

4. Bain & Company (associate consultant internship and summer associate programs)

Location: Global

Median pay:
$US14 an hour

Ideal for: Students studying business in an undergraduate or graduate capacity.

What the company says: “Over a 10-week period our interns will gain in-depth training in the critical skills needed for strategic business thinking, and continuous hands-on learning through full-time immersion on a Bain case team.

3. BDO

Location: San Francisco

Median pay:
$US23 an hour

Ideal for: Those seeking internships in tax or audit services.

What the company says: “BDO is a place for energetic self-starters who can think and act like entrepreneurs.”

2. Kleiner Perkins

Location: Bay Area

Median pay:
$US6,000 per month

Ideal for: Students studying computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, or those with experience with visual, interaction, or web user interface design.

What the company says: “Over the course of a summer, KP Design and Engineering Fellows will be employed at our portfolio companies, where they can develop their technical or design skills and be mentored by an executive within the company.”

1. Evercore

Locations: Chicago, Houston, New York, Toronto, or Menlo Park, CA

Median pay:$US95,000 per year. (An hourly breakdown was not available.)

Ideal for: Undergraduates or MBA students with experience in investment banking.

What the company says: “The Evercore internship program is a great way to gain transaction experience as well as get hired full time – the firm sources a majority of its Analyst and Associate hires from its internship program.”

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