Get Groped By The TSA Next Wednesday And Loopt Might Give You A Free iPod Touch


[credit provider=”TSA”]

Location-based social network Loopt is running a light-hearted promotion to help travellers suffering from the TSA’s new security procedures.Wednesday is ‘National Opt-Out Day’, in which protesters plan to refuse an x-ray scan and receive a highly invasive pat-down instead. To support the protest, Loopt is giving away iPod touches to 10 users who check-in after getting ‘touched’ by TSA officials.

We’re not sure what all the fuss is about body scans, but this is an amusing way to take a stand (and get attention). Here’s Loopt’s announcement:

National Opt-Out Day – the day before Thanksgiving – is the busiest travel day of the year. In light of recent controversy, many plan to refuse a backscatter scan at airport security, and instead choose a (fairly invasive) pat-down. Either way, people can count on longer-than-usual airport lines.

As a slight gift to opt-outers out there, Loopt is giving away 10 iPod Touches for TSA touching. Just check into your airport on Loopt* on Wednesday, November 24 (with iPhone, iPod Touch or Android), share a bit about your experience, push it to Twitter with the hashtag #touchedbyTSA, and you can win an iPod Touch. That simple.