Here's How To Instantly Get Google Maps Back On Your iPhone

google maps iphone widget

Photo: Kevin Smith, Business Insider

A lot of people are unhappy that Apple removed Google Maps from the newest iPhone software update, iOS 6. We’re not going to lie, we are too.Google has been quiet about its plans for releasing a stand alone version.

Until we hear something, try out this temporary solution.

Add the mobile web version of Google maps to your home screen!

While the web version of Google Maps doesn’t have as many features as the former stock version, we think it will certainly get you by if you can’t stand Apple’s own maps.

First, head to Safari. Tap to open.

Before you are taken to the site you will need to allow the browser to use your location.

Here is what Maps will look like. To add this to your home screen, tap the arrow in the bottom middle of the screen.

You can name it whatever you like.

That's it. Now you have Google Maps on your home screen. Now let's see how it works...tap to open.

It's easy to find points of interest. We wanted to locate grocery stores near us and it brought up a good amount.

We also wanted to see how good the web app was at finding bars. It provided us with a plethora of them.

Directions weren't as fluid, but they were still manageable. We were also given the option of driving, transit, walking, and biking directions.

Scrolling further down we were able to see the steps it took to reach our destination.

The widget even provided a birds eye view of our route.

The Menu was helpful for changing layers, managing favourite places, and clearing the map.

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