5 Reasons To Get Even More Pumped For Shark Week

Shark week paul walkerDiscovery Channel‘Fast and Furious’ actor Paul Walker (right) stalks Great Whites as part of Shark Week.

Starting Sunday,
Shark Weekis upon us.

In its 26th year celebrating all things “Jaws”-related, Discovery Channel packs an exciting line-up of shark educational programming, survivor tales, and celebrity appearances by Snuffy the Seal.

Here are 5 Shark Week events to get mega-excited for:

5. Paul Walker makes an appearance.

“Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker, who studied marine biology in college, will appear in the “Spawn of Jaws” special. Using state of the art tracking technology, a team of scientists — plus Walker — search for the elusive Great White shark breeding grounds. Tuesday, August 6, at 10|9C

4. Shark Attack mysteries solved.

Natural history producer Jeff Kurr — whose 2011 special “Air Jaws” was nominated for any Emmy — is back with “Great White Serial Killer.” Kurr examines evidence from two fatal shark attacks near Vandenberg Air Force base in California to determine if the same shark is the culprit. Wednesday, August 7, at 10|9C

Shark WeekJeff Kurr/Discovery ChannelDiscovery presents: The puppy cam for sharks.

3. Scary-close video footage of sharks.

Discovery presents: The puppy cam for sharks. A robotic submarine films Great White sharks off the coast of Cape Cod, the setting for “Jaws.” Highlights include close-up footage of a 17-foot Great White hunting seals, shot over five hours. Monday, August 5, at 9|8C

2.” Shark After Dark” the talk show.

Comedian Josh Wolf hosts Shark Week’s first late-night talk show, “Shark After Dark.” The hour-long show features memorable clips from the last 26 years, celebrity guests and shark experts, and previews of next-day programming. Every Night, Beginning August 4, at 11|10C

1. “Top 10 Sharkdown” of the most ruthless sharks.

If you think Great Whites are old news, the “Top 10 Sharkdown” is for you. This countdown introduces the most dangerous sharks — and the ones you’re most likely to encounter. There’s a species whose cannibalistic young eat each other in the womb. Wednesday, August 7, at 9|8C

Here’s the full Shark Week line-up.

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