How To Get An IPhone 5S On Friday Without Waiting In Line

Apple’s new iPhones — the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C — will launch on September 20.

Apple only allowed pre-orders for the iPhone 5C. So that means if you want the iPhone 5S in your hands on Friday, your best bet is to wait in line at an Apple store or at your wireless carrier.

But if you just can’t bare to wait in line, there are a few services to help you out.

A couple that come to mind are TaskRabbit and WunWun.

First things first. Head on over to Type in your email and zip code to join for free.

In this case, you want to sign up to get help.

All you have to do now is post your task and specify how much you're willing to pay. You'll be immediately notified if someone takes you up on the offer. But there's no guarantee someone will take you up on the offer.

So if you don't find any luck with TaskRabbit, an app called WunWun can also be of help.

WunWun wants to make everything available on-demand. It even offers free delivery from stores.

Once you've signed up for the service, simply tell a WunWun helper to go to an Apple store, wait in line, and buy an iPhone for you.

Select the Apple store.

Select where you want your WunWun helper to drop off the phone.

Make your request with the touch of a button.

One of WunWun's helpers will text you when they've received your request. They'll then ask you when you want them to start waiting in line.

But if for some odd reason the iPhone doesn't make it to you, WunWun will not charge you.

Now, here's everything you need to know about the new iPhone 5S's fingerprint sensor.

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