3 Ways To Get A Raise Without Asking For It

How do you earn a raise?

Step one: work hard. Step two: ask for it.

Well, that’s how most people do it. But as it turns out, step two isn’t always necessary for everyone.

Blogger Scott Huntington says in a recent Careerealism post that sometimes bosses offer a raise without you even asking for it. “It doesn’t happen often, unless you have something in your contract that stipulates your pay increases, or some other sort of mandated pay raise.” But it does happen.

Here are three ways you can drastically increase your chances of getting a raise without even asking for one:

1. Bring in new business.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in sales or not. If the company you work for isn’t able to bring in new business, they aren’t going to grow, and they won’t be able to afford to give you a raise,” Huntington explains. “In today’s business world, everyone is in sales. You have to sell yourself, your company, your skills, and your products.”

2. Make your boss look good.

“Oh, there is nothing that will make your boss love you more than if you make him look good,” Huntington writes. After all, he probably wants a raise just as much as you do — so giving him some credit and public praise will be beneficial to both of you.

3. Become irreplaceable.

Once you’ve made yourself irreplaceable, you can ask for pretty much whatever you want, Huntington says. “Becoming irreplaceable involves doing what you’re supposed to, plus everything listed, and then a little bit more. After all, people who make themselves exceptional stand out for a reason.” If your employer believes that losing you would decrease productivity around the office, they will probably do whatever it takes to keep you — including giving you a big fat raise.

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