New Mattress Has Built-In Safe!


Stuffing your cash under the mattress doesn’t have to be a joke anymore. Mattress company Holandia is obviously onto something with this:

Hollandia International redefines the term “stashing it under the mattress” with their new $20,400 Executive SAFE-T Bed added to their current luxury line of sleep systems. Rest assured with a heavy-duty safe built right into the bed, consumers can keep their most prized possessions and treasured valuables safe and sound.

Hollandia, a leader in sleep system innovation and design, originally developed the SAFE-T Bed for an international customer who wanted to keep a handgun safely stored yet close to him in bed for security purposes. However, the company then realised that because of the demographics of their many customers, the safe could be used for multiple purposes and for a broader consumer base.

That seems a little steep these days, but if it had space for cash, German bearer bonds, a machine gun, ammo and 6 months worth of whole wheat it’d be well worth it.

(via Cindy Perman)