This website lets Australians get a sick note for under $20

Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

Most doctors will write a note giving you a day off with minimum fuss.

But it takes time to get to the surgery, wait in line, describe the symptoms, get a sick note and pay the fee.

Now it’s faster with an online service called Dr Sicknote which will issue a medical certificate for just $19.99.

Sachin Patel, a Melbourne doctor, says Dr Sicknote is a confidential and secure way to get a medical certificate or repeat referral without leaving the house.

“We are not about people pulling sickies, in fact we actively discourage it,” says Patel. “Our main aim is to reduce sick days from 9 days on average per person to 8 days.”

The e-consultation starts by filling out online forms, including past medical history. Consultations with one of Dr Sicknoteā€™s GPs is via Skype.

Patel says the most common complaints for sicknotes at his surgery are all taken on face value. Doctors don’t ask for proof of diarrhea, heavy periods or migraines.

“Medical and taxpayer resources are precious, and our aim is to help patients, doctors and Medicare make the best use of these resources by allowing safe online access to some medical services where physical contact with a doctor is not required,” says Patel.

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