Fox Business News Will Crush CNBC--Gerry Laybourne

After selling Oxygen to NBC, Geraldine Laybourne is unemployed, which means she has the time to conduct a marathon interview with Portfolio’s Lloyd Grove. It goes on forever, so we recommend skimming.

That said, we were struck by the endorsement that Gerry, a fervent Hillary Clinton supporter, gave to News Corp.’s (NWS) Roger Ailes, who’s had a slow start with Fox Business Channel:

L.G.: What do you think’s going to happen with the Fox Business Network? I mean, 6,000 viewers! Can you empathise with Roger Ailes? And CNBC has been snickering at them-at least as their public attitude-and it’s very embarrassing.

G.L.: It takes a while. And you can snicker all you want, but Roger Ailes is a fantastic brand builder. He did a fantastic job at Fox News, and he will do another fantastic job. It takes time. Snicker early, because that’s going to be your only opportunity around Roger Ailes.

Gerry’s not alone in her assessment: As we noted yesterday, cable operators say they’re eager to get the channel on their systems.

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