Germany's economy minister says he doesn't know how to help Greece

German Economy Minister Sigmar GabrielReutersGerman Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel attends a news conference in Berlin March 18, 2015, on Germany’s budget and financial plan for 2015 to 2019.

Germany’s economy minister said on Tuesday his country was ready to help Greece get back on its feet and stay in the euro zone but it wasn’t clear to him how they could keep helping.

“This country (….) is ready to help (Greece) get back on its feet – moreover in my firm opinion in the euro and not outside the euro,” Sigmar Gabriel said during a talk at the economy ministry.

“How one can do that, does still not appear to me to be very clear,” he said.

Gabriel also criticised Greek comments that it owes nearly 279 billion euros in reparations for the Nazi occupation of the country, saying World War Two reparation payments had nothing to do with negotiations on Greece’s current debt crisis.

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