Multiple people injured in an axe rampage on a German train

Four people were injured after a man with an axe attacked passengers aboard a train in southern Germany on Monday night, according to a police spokesman.

Three victims were seriously injured, while 14 other passengers were being treated for shock.

The attacker, who was shot dead while trying to flee, was allegedly a 17-year-old Afghan refugee from Ochsenfurt, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said on Monday night.

Witnesses reportedly heard the attacker shout “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) during the attack, which happened near the city of Würzburg, according to Herrmann.

Authorities are still investigating the motive of the attack.

The rail line connecting Würzburg-Heidingsfeld and Ochsenfurt has since been closed.

A police spokesman had previously said that approximately 10 to 15 people were wounded. A police operation was still ongoing.

Some of the victims’ injuries are life-threatening, according to German news agency DPA.

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