Half Of German Teens Aren't Sure Of The Difference Between Dictatorship And Democracy

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Photo: Stringer / AFP

A new study from Berlin Free University has found that the majority of German teenagers are unsure of the difference between democracy and dictatorship, the Local reports.More than half of those asked were unsure if Hitler was a dictator, and just a third of those asked were sure that the East German state after the war was a dictatorship.

Thankfully, 60 per cent of those asked were sure that the current German government was a democracy.

According to a press release from the University:

40 per cent of the pupils overall believe that there were only little differences between National Socialism, the GDR and the Federal Republic before and after re-unification. This group of pupils thinks that the rule of law, human rights and self-determination were realised in all four of the above approximately to the same degree.

The study was based on the answers of more than 7,500 15 year olds.

German speakers can see the report in pdf form here >

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