The German Bundestag Was Reduced To Chaos Yesterday When Someone Hit ‘Reply All’

Reply All Bundestag

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Early yesterday morning, an email went out from the Information Office of the Federal Parliament which included details of a new handbook on the legal principles and rules of the German Bundestag. It was addressed to around 5,000 German MPs, their staff, and other Bundestag workers.One German MP, Sylvia Kotting-Uhl of the Green Party, decided to reply in the email to her colleague “Britta” in Berlin, die Welt reports, asking if Britta could purchase her one of the new handbooks.

Unfortunately, she hit “reply all”.

Some of the 5,000 recipients felt compelled to respond. Der Spiegel offers some of the initial responses:

11.56 : Please remove from the mailing list, immediately!

12.06 : Why do I get any responses emailed? What interests me little know who is in the distributor and who should be removed!

12.15 : That’s enough! What is this? That does not interest all e. This can make you among themselves and contact the persons concerned. Discipline, please!

The responses apparently grew bizarre as they snowballed into hundreds of replies and threatened to overwhelm the Bundestag email system. The Local reports that messages included “Greetings to my mummy,” and “In Hannover-Linden it is three degrees, dry and partly cloudy”.

Administrators were eventually able to bring the situation under control, but only after the German press had a good chance to laugh at their leaders.