Germans Are ‘Whores,’ According To Russian Pop Star


Russian singer Alexey Vorobyov was so happy about making it to the next round of Eurovision 2011 — a cross between American Idol and the Olympics — that he celebrated by yelling profanities into the camera.

From Animal:

Alexey got so pumped about his high score at the Germany-hosted Eurovision-2011, he let out some triumphant blyat (nomenclature etc.) and it went something like this: This is Russia! This is Russia, you whores! (Cameraman pans away) Come here, whore! (Cameraman pans back) Look me in the eyes, whore!”

After calling most of Europe, or at least the Germans, a bunch of whores, Vorobyov and other contestants performed at a nightclub.

For some analysis of the competition, check out this story.

The finals are Saturday.

Video below.