A German TV Crew Was Attacked And Detained In A Chinese Factory

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Photo: Feng Li / Getty Images

When a German television crew began filming outside the Do-Fluoride plant two hours outside Zhengzhou for a documentary about pollution, they never expected to be invited inside. Turns out, they were kinda right.A crew for the German broadcaster ARD was apparently attacked and then detained for nine hours in the factories cafeteria after security guards apprehended the crew, accusing them of filming commercial secrets, reports the AP

Workers at the plant gathered outside the room where the crew was being held and chanted “kill the foreign spies”, storming the building, attacking the crew, and seizing their camera and tape at one point, reports the Guardian. It wasn’t until a group of armed police arrived that the crew was escorted off the premises.  

This event comes just a month after a reporter for Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper was beaten while covering an environmental protest in Nantong’s Qidong district. According to Asahi Shimbun’s story, the man was taking pictures of the protest when police officers shoved him to the ground, repeatedly kicking him in the head and body. His press pass and camera was taken and weren’t returned. 

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