Call Girl: “The Only Thing That Surprised Me Was The Scale [Of The Munich Re Sex Party]”


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Last week it came out that insurance company Munich Re had to fire executives who were responsible for hosting a company-sponsored sex party at the Budapest baths in Hungary back in 2007.

(One of Munich Re’s units invited 100 of its top performing employees to enjoy 20 pre-paid prostitutes. Read about the party here).

The company is obviously embarrassed by news of the party (which included a 3-person orgy show). Its CEO said earlier this week that they are investigating what happened and that “there is nothing typical about [the party].”

But according to two Berlin prostitutes who spoke with Spiegal Online — he’s clueless! 

A brothel owner explained that these types of parties are totally normal.

“Companies routinely hire call girls to spice up excursions and parties,” the girls said.

And the men love them.

“At first the gentlemen pretend to be surprised… apologetically point to their wedding rings. But after a few more drinks those rings tend to disappear in their jacket pockets.”

(We’re not surprised by that, given these statistics…)

The brothel owner, Felicitas Schirow, said, “this incident at Hamburg-Mannheimer is totally normal. The insurance business in particular likes to party and reward its staff with female accompaniment. The only thing that surprised me was the scale of it.”

So companies paying for gentleman to cheat on their wives is normal, 3-person sex shows are not.

She also said that many large firms are able to pay for these parties in a way that they don’t show up on any official documents.

And she explained the reason for the sex parties. Corporate parties are largely about motivation, she said, and that if a firm can’t send its workers on a trip, then they’ll shell out the money for a brothel or nightclub instead. 

The parties are particularly appealing for prostitutes because they’re so lucrative: “The organisers spend a lot of money on them and it’s a change of scene for us with relatively little physical effort, in relation to the time spent,” a 32-year-called Monique told Spiegal.

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