A Former Russian Banker Is In A Coma After Being Shot In London By A Submachine Gun

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A former Russian banker is in a coma after an alleged assassination attempt in London, according to RIA Novosti, an English-language Russian news source.German Gorbuntsov, who used to own several banks in Russia and Moldova but now lives in England, was in stable yet critical condition, according to authorities.

He was shot by an unidentified gunman with a submachine gun near his home on March 20, RIA Novosti reported, citing Russian daily Kommerstant.

The Metropolitan Police said Gorbuntsov was shot a number of times by a slim white male about 6 feet tall, according to iTV News.

There is a chance that the shooting is linked to Gorbuntsov’s past. Gorbuntsov has said people in Russia would kill him if he went back, and he is also wanted in Moldova, according to RIA Novosti.

From RIA Novosti:

Gorbuntsov’s lawyer, Vadim Vedenin, says he thinks the attack may be linked to his client’s role in a 2009 investigation into a murder attempt on another Russian banker Alexander Antonov. Three ethnic Chechens were charged with the attempted murder but the organisers remain unidentified and the case was closed until this year.

It was reopened on March 2 after Gorbuntsov, who himself had been investigated as possible ringleader, submitted a new testimony to police, which they believe suggested the involvement of Gorbuntsov’s former business partners, Pyotr Chuvilin and Sergei Mendeleyev, Vedenin told the paper.

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