German Designer Selling Out Of "Steve Jobs" Sweater

Steve Jobs

Photo: AP images

German designer Von Rosen is close to selling out of the sweater reportedly worn by Steve Jobs in his last public appearance, reports The Local.The €420 ($615) cashmere sweater can be bought on the designer’s website.

Though Von Rosen make a Jobs-esque turtleneck, it is unclear whether Apple’s co-founder wore this or stuck to a regular sweater over a cheaper mock turtleneck.

Since Jobs’ death earlier this month, orders for the semi-iconic garment have reportedly skyrocketed.

The designer sent Jobs the sweater in 2010 on a whim and was delighted when the late Apple co-founder ordered more items from Von Rosen’s inventory.

Jobs was inspired to introduce a uniform for Apple after visiting a Sony facility in Japan during the 1980s. He eventually settled for just having his own uniform.

Though Apple fans are scrambling to get their hands on a sweater, they’ll have to act quickly. Von Rosen is currently in a dispute with larger fashion designer Paul Rosen over its name and may be forced to close down.

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