Angela Merkel Is Stepping Into The Great German Circumcision Debate

A few weeks back, a German district court in Cologne ruled that circumcising infants for any reason other than medical necessity was illegal, an assault on the infant’s right of choice, and a punishable criminal offence

Following the ruling, Muslims, Jews, and Christians expressed their extreme displeasure with the law, calling it an infringement on their right of religious freedom, with the Conference of European Rabbis going so far to describe the ruling as the “worst attack on Jewish life since the Holocaust”, according to Der Spiegel

Now, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her office are trying to pick up the pieces, stating that the matter is of urgency and that steps will be taken in the near future to protect circumcision of infant boys from prosecution, according to Reuters. This is after the German Medical Association recommend doctors to cease performing the procedure until the decision and its implications are clarified. 

The procedure is a 4,000 year tradition in the Jewish faith, according to rabbi Pinchas Goldschmid of Moscow. Currently, about 120,000 Jews and 4 million Muslims call Germany home.

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