German Automakers Are Recording Unbelievable Sales

BMW i8 Concept Spyder

Photo: Courtesy BMW

While sales of luxury cars in most European nations have been slow, the German manufacturers have quietly had their strongest quarters ever.According to Christoph Rauwald of The Wall Street Journal, German automakers have been posting record sales in China, the USA, and even their own domestic markets for the first quarter of 2012. It seems that the German market has been bucking the downward spiral of the general European market with great sales numbers.

Volkswagen, which sells more cars than any of the other European manufacturers, sold nearly 150,000 cars in Germany alone during the first three months of 2012. That’s a 5.3 per cent gain from just a year earlier.

Overall, they sold an astonishing 1.36 million total cars, giving them an 11 per cent gain from a year earlier. The Wall Street Journal also notes that 345,000 of these were from the luxury Audi brand.

And the sales gains aren’t just limited to VW.

BMW’s sales have also been record setting. With over 425,000 total vehicles sold and 40 per cent sales gains in China, BMW is on pace for a fantastic year. And with new models coming, like performance diesels and the 6-Series sedan, expect these numbers to continue to grow.

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t been left out either. A 12 per cent gain on total sales from a year earlier to sell well over 300,000 cars.

If anything, it looks like the German manufacturers are all on the way to a superb 2012.

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