German And British Soldiers In Afghanistan Commemorated World War I's Christmas Truce By Playing Soccer

One hundred years ago, German, British, and French soldiers left their trenches along the western front of World War I to observe the Christmas holiday in peace.

Servicemen and women stationed in Kabul decided to commemorate the Christmas Truce by playing some soccer — something rival soldiers did during the halt in fighting a century ago.

British troops pose for a photo before the game, which took place on a dusty field at the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) headquarters in Kabul on Dec. 24, 2014.

German troops pose for their own photo before the game, with their national flag on display.

Troops from both countries sang “Silent Night” before the game. The singing of Christmas carols was another joint activity during the 1914 truce.

The game was likely much more organised than the improvised and crowded bouts played between the trenches during the Great War.

German troops wearing shirts made for the centennial commemoration react to the on-field action.

British supporters also knew to voice their support, unfolding the Union Jack from the bleachers.

An American soldier watches the game from the sidelines. The US had yet to get involved in the Great War in the winter of 1914.

A helicopter in flight reminds German soldiers that this is not Europe in 1914.

The troops closed the match by posing together behind a banner with emblems, the Afghan flag, and a hashtag: #FootballRemembers.

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