Gerald Celente Disses Roubini After Moving 100% Into Gold


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Notorious trend forecaster Gerald Celente has been fairly accurate of late, predicting a double dip and revolutions around the world.He drops some more wisdom in an interview with King World News:

What did Roubini say?  Gold would be lucky to go to $1,100 an ounce.  Where is it now?  Flirting between the high $1,780s and $1,900s.  There are a number of people like myself and others that believe it’s going much higher.  You know I used to be in Swiss Francs (along with gold), I am not in Swiss Francs anymore.  I got in (Swiss Francs) about a year and a half ago and did very well, but I’ve transferred everything I own into gold, I’m now totally invested in gold.

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