Georgia athletic director apologizes for paying Ludacris $65,000, providing food, liquor, hygiene products to play a spring football game


University of Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity recently apologised for meeting rapper Ludacris’ long list of demands to play Georgia’s “G Day” spring football game.

After the game, a rider was obtained by with a list of Ludacris’ demands to play the game, which included $65,000 for a 15-minute performance.

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, McGarity apologised at a board meeting, saying, “I do want to take this opportunity to apologise to our board for mistakes we made with certain aspects of the details of an entertainment agreement.”

McGarity reportedly never mentioned Ludacris by name, but to board members, it was clear what he was referring to.

The rider for the performance revealed that Ludacris had a long, absurd list of hospitality demands.

A few highlights:

  • A meal to feed 10 people consisting of grilled chicken, wheat pasta, brown rice, veggies, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, fruit, salad, and, of course, wings.
  • Peanut butter (creamy) and jelly with whole grain wheat bread.
  • Candy
  • Tazo tea, V8 juice, Snapple, orange juice, cranberry juice, Minute Maid juice boxes, coconut water, and Fiji water
  • Unsalted almonds and trail mix
  • Greek yogurt
  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Liquor — a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white win, Cognac, vodka, and tequila
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, clean towels, lotion, Dove soap, hairbrush, Secret deodorant, and an iron and ironing board
  • A box of Trojan Magnum condoms (“excstacy”)

The list must be seen to be believed.

G Day Concert Agreement


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