Robert Zimmerman Claims That Trayvon Martin Beat Up His Son

robert zimmermanRobert Zimmerman

Photo: NBC Miami

George Zimmerman’s father Robert Zimmerman took the stand Friday morning to testify that his son was in peril the night he killed Trayvon Martin.Screams on a 911 call from that night were definitely his son’s, said Robert Zimmerman, who stared blankly in front of him throughout the proceeding.

“It was absolutely George’s,” Robert Zimmerman said of the voice heard screaming in the background.

George Zimmerman, who is facing second-degree murder charges for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was back in court this morning arguing for a new bond.

Judge Lester previously revoked his bond after prosecutors claimed George Zimmerman lied to the court about his finances. He told both sides today that he will make a decision concerning George Zimmerman’s some time bond next week.

Prosecutors questioned how he could know it was actually his son’s voice, especially since George Zimmerman claimed Martin covered his nose and mouth.

“From the looks of my son’s injuries, Trayvon Martin’s hands were not just on his nose and mouth,” Robert Zimmerman said.

But prosecutors don’t buy George Zimmerman’s claims that Martin banged him up and slammed his head to the ground.

“Banging? There’s no evidence of that,” a prosecutor said.

A Sanford, Fla, firefighter and Seminole County probation officer also took the stand during the roughly three-hour bond hearing.

“For all intents an purposes, he was a model client,” probation officer Adam Vincent said about George Zimmerman.

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