George Zimmerman's New Website Asks For More Donations

george zimmerman

Photo: Courtesy of CNN

George Zimmerman’s defence team led by lawyer Mark O’Mara launched a new website today that it said will soon accept donations in Zimmerman’s name. Mark O’Mara’s office in Orlando confirmed by phone that he had started the website. 

O’Mara’s first post on the website explains the use of the $200,000 raised by the website Zimmerman started himself: Earlier today, a judge denied a prosecutor’s motion to increase the bail for Zimmerman after the amount of money he raised was revealed.

Mr. Zimmerman’s former website and the PayPal attached to it raised approximately $200,000.00 over the period of time that it was up and running. Mr. Zimmerman was using this money, as mentioned on his website, for his ongoing living expenses and other necessary expenses based upon the charge and eventual arrest.

O’Mara said Zimmerman forwarded him the funds gathered from the website. He said his review of the funds will be completed next week.

The large amount of money that has been raised to date for George’s defence, I believe, is a testament to the support for George as he goes through this most difficult time. Though the concept of a legal defence fund is quite unique, it serves a very valid purpose and gives an opportunity for people to show their support to Mr. Zimmerman.

There’s also a Twitter and Facebook page. 

Here’s a look at the page that tells you that you can donate soon:

George Zimmerman

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