Zimmerman's Own Witness Said His Money Was Funneled Through Four Accounts

adam magill testifyingForensic Accountant Adam MaGill

Photo: NBC Miami

The only reason people would refer to $9,900 as $9 is because they wanted to speak in code, a forensic accountant called by George Zimmerman’s lawyers testified in court Friday.The prosecution attacked George and Shellie Zimmerman this morning for doing just that in recorded jailhouse phone calls.

George Zimmerman, who’s charged with second-degree murder for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was back in court this morning arguing for a new bond.

The neighbourhood watchman’s previous bond was revoked after he and his wife were accused of lying about having $150,000 in his bank account to obtain a lower bond.

Judge Kenneth Lester previously revoked his bond after prosecutors claimed George Zimmerman lied to the court about his finances. He said today that he will make a decision concerning George Zimmerman’s bond some time next week.

We were able to watch Friday’s proceedings via a live feed from NBC Miami.

During his testimony for the defence, forensic accountant Adam MaGill described how money was often transferred out of Zimmerman’s PayPal account in increments of less than $10,000 and placed in Zimmerman’s personal bank account.

He created the PayPal account to receive donations from supporters.

From there, the money would be transferred to Shellie Zimmerman’s accounts, then routed to a trust for attorney Mark O’Mara and finally transferred to George Zimmerman’s Legal defence fund.

“Ultimately everything was accounted for,” despite all the transfers, MaGill said.

The prosecution attacked the Zimmermans for reportedly using $11,387.40 of the funds donated to the PayPal account to pay off credit card debts. They allegedly used additional donated funds to pay off other personal loans.

O’Mara justified those expenditures by saying that Zimmerman asked potential donors for money to defray the cost of living expenses, as well as his defence.

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