George Zimmerman Said 'Remember Casey Anthony' And Spoke In Code In Jailhouse Calls

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Photo: Florida State Attorney

Jailhouse calls made by George Zimmerman reveal a man who was terrified for his family’s safety and bent on speaking in code with his wife and sister whenever possible.Nearly 150 calls were released Monday as part of an evidence dump by the Florida state attorney prosecuting his case.

The jailhouse phone calls George made to his wife Shellie Zimmerman and his sister Susie were the source of much debate earlier on in the case. Judge Kenneth Lester revoked George’s initial bond after prosecutors claimed George and Shellie lied about their finances and spoke in code so the court wouldn’t know how much money they had at their disposal.

We listened to many of the calls, and while it’s hard to determine when George is speaking to his wife Shellie or his sister Susie, what we do know is the trio cautioned each other against revealing too much, just in case the phone calls were being recorded — which they were.

You remember the Casey Anthony case? Anything you say on the phone is going to end up on WTMJ,” George said at one point, apparently referring to a radio station.

In one call, Shellie and George Zimmerman are trying to find out when he’ll get out of jail.

“It’s gonna be at Susie’s birth month, maybe sooner,” Shellie reassures her husband, without saying the actual date he will be released.

“Honey, you have no idea what’s going on but I cannot tell you,” she said.

“Do not tell anyone about this,” she said in a separate phone call. “You didn’t tell anyone in your family about time or anything right?”

Shellie loses her cool when George said he did indeed tell his family about their plans.

“Oh my God,” she said. “OK well, if we’re all screwed that’s fine.”

George’s sister Susie then takes over.

“The thing is, that things are being recorded,” she said, trying to explain why Shellie was upset George confided in other family members.

“I didn’t say, I didn’t say it like that,” George said. “It was, you know, in code.”

The trio also often spoke in Spanish when discussing something sensitive, switching over to English only for innocuous statements.

And George repeatedly expressed his concerns over his family’s safety. “You’re going to be very safe, right?” he asks his wife. Later, he said he’d rather his family not visit him if doing so would jeopardize their safety.

In addition to the calls, prosecutors released fairly shocking statements from a woman dubbed Witness 9 who said George Zimmerman was not only a racist, but he sexually assaulted her for about 10 years of her childhood.

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