George Zimmerman Said He Was On Top Of Trayvon Martin When Witnesses Came

george zimmerman

Photo: Courtesy of CNN

George Zimmerman didn’t recognise a police photo of Trayvon Martin just hours after he fatally shot the teenager, even though he said he was on top of Martin when witnesses came.Florida prosecutors released new evidence in the case on Tuesday afternoon.

The information was initially redacted but Judge Kenneth Lester ordered it be made public.

In an interview with Sanford Police Department Investigator Chris Serino recorded just hours after Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Martin, Zimmerman sounded confused and overwhelmed by what was happening.

“Do you recognise that face?” Serino asked as he held up a picture of Martin.

“No sir.”

“This is the person that had the incident with you today,” Serino informed Zimmerman.

Serino then had Zimmerman run through the night’s events. Zimmerman said Martin jumped him, appearing out of the darkness.

“And then he punched me,” Zimmerman reported. “He said ‘you have a problem now’ and then he punched me in the face.”

Serino seemed to confirm Zimmerman’s story that Martin attacked him, saying officers at the scene described Zimmerman as “pretty much battered.”

“After he hit my head against the concrete several times, I yelled out for help, and then he tried to smother my mouth and my nose,” Zimmerman said, describing the fight that led him to draw his weapon.

Zimmerman claimed he only drew his gun because felt he Martin reaching for it.

“And he said ‘You’re gonna die motherfucker,'” Zimmerman said.

He said he only shot the teen once, but Martin was still talking after the first shot though Zimmerman couldn’t recall what he was saying.

“I don’t remember if I pushed him or he fell, but somehow I got out from under him, and when he was hitting me, I don’t know what he was hitting me with, I thought he had something in his hands, so I grabbed his hands when I was on top of him and I spread his hands away from his body cuz he was still talking and I was on top of him and that’s when somebody came and they had a flashlight too and I thought it was a police officer so I got off of him,” Zimmerman said in a rush, sounding close to tears.

Florida also released a series of phone interviews between Serino and Zimmerman.

In one from Sunday, March 25, Zimmerman told Serino he didn’t yet have a lawyer and was holed up somewhere 14 to 15 hours away from Sanford, Fla.

“I haven’t heard anything new about the threats, as far as the Black Panthers and that kind of stuff,” Serino assured Zimmerman, before asking if he could return to Florida to talk to prosecutors.

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