Prosecutor In George Zimmerman Case Accidentally Unleashes Sealed Evidence

Angela CoreyAngela Corey

Photo: Getty Images News

The Florida state attorney prosecuting George Zimmerman caused a stir today when her office accidentally released 76 pages of evidence that weren’t entirely redacted.In an email to reporters, State Attorney Angela Corey’s PR person said the office was processing records in the Zimmerman case.

While the PR person had said she’d keep the press posted on when the records would be released, she inadvertently attached the entire 76-page document.

The PDF included Zimmerman’s college transcript, a photocopy of his driver’s licence, and a fuzzy photo of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin after he was shot, among other records.

Then in a second email, Corey’s office recalled the evidence. And in a subsequent email, Corey’s office included a redacted version of the documents that still included the grainy photo of Martin’s body.

But in an email after that, Corey’s office said it was actually recalling the photo, too, noting that Florida law exempted the picture from disclosure requirements.

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