George Zimmerman Didn't Use A Racial Slur, According To Florida Prosecutor

george zimmerman

Photo: (AP Photo/Sanford Police Department)

The Affidavit from prosecutor Angela Corey’s office was released yesterday.  And it contained one detail that had been hotly debated over the weeks since the shooting of Trayvon Martin became a national story: did George Zimmerman use a racial slur during his phone call with a 911 dispatcher? 

Originally, it was reported and many believed he said “these f*cking coons” in reference to Martin and others he thought were criminals. 

But according to the affidavit filed by Angela Corey’s office Zimmerman referred to Martin and other people he perceived to be criminals as “these f*cking punks.”

The affidavit still argues that in a sense Zimmerman was “profiling” Martin, that he “felt Martin did not belong in the gated community” and that he was lumping him in with other criminals without evidence. 

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