Florida State Attorney Angela Corey: Zimmerman Will Be Charged With Second Degree Murder For Killing Trayvon Martin And Is In Custody

Angela Corey

Photo: NBC

According to the AP: George Zimmerman is in custody and will be charged with second degree murder for killing Trayvon Martin in February. Florida State Attorney Angela Corey, opened her press conference by referring to the Martin family as “sweet parents” to whom she promised justice for Trayvon Martin. 

“We did not come to this decision lightly,.. ” Corey said. ” we do not prosecute by public pressure. … Unless you’ve ever been a law enforcement officer or a prosector you cannot know what it is like to launch this type of prosecution and come to the right conclusion.” 

“There is a reason cases are tried in the court of law, not in the public or in the media,” Corey reiterated. 

“We continue to pray for Trayvon’s family and the prosecution team. … Remember it is Trayvon’s family who are constitutional victims.” 

Corey confirmed that Zimmerman was in custody but would not reveal his location, citing concerns for Zimmerman’s safety. 

Corey did not take any opportunity to throw the Sanford police department under the bus, and instead framed her office’s investigation as building upon their work. Corey also declined to express an opinion on whether Zimmerman should be given the maximum sentence for second-degree murder, which is life-imprisonment. 

Corey also reacted coolly to questions about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law, describing it as just another “affirmative defence” that her team handles all the time. 

She also confirmed that Seminole county will be the jurisdiction in which Zimmerman will be tried. Demographically, Seminole county is 78.2 per cent white, 17.1 per cent “person of Hispanic or Latino origin,” and 11.1 per cent black

CNN is also reporting that Zimmerman has a lawyer, Mark O’Mara. (Not the two other lawyers who have been appearing on television claiming to be his defence team.) 

Florida Governor Rick Scott released a statement earlier today on the case: 

“We are fortunate in our state that most Floridians and local civic leaders are law-abiding, responsible citizens who all want justice to prevail. No matter what State Attorney (Angela) Corey determines following her investigation of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, I trust in the goodness of all Florida citizens to allow our justice system to reach an appropriate conclusion in this case.”

According to an earlier report from CNN, Angela Corey, the state attorney general had described Trayvon Martin’s family as “lovely people.”

She said she has met with them and prayed with them and promised to get them answers.

That in itself is a little strange.

For those who do not know the ins and outs of murder charges, second degree murder means that a killing was done intentionally, but without planning or premeditation. 


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