Ousted Men's Wearhouse founder George Zimmer is launching a new company at Salesforce's big conference

Men’s Warehouse founder George Zimmer is indeed launching a new company. And he’ll do it at Dreamforce, the huge annual conference for cloud computing company Salesforce.

So said Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff during his quarterly conference call with Wall Street analysts.

Benioff was talking about all the big name guests taking the stage during the Dreamforce show in San Francisco, September 15-18.

That’s when he mentioned: “George Zimmer will launching his new company zTux and zTailors.”

Zimmer made headlines in 2013 when his board ousted him and grabbed control of the company he founded, Men’s Warehouse.

A year later, he appeared at Dreamforce to tease his new company, which he launched in March called zTailors. That’s an app that lets you find a tailor and schedule that tailor to do a house call.

But he was also supposedly working on another business, alternatively called Generation Tux and zTux, reports Erin Griffin at Fortune. It lets you rent tuxedos with an app. Zimmer was trying to raise a $US22 million Series A, Griffin reports and noted that zTux sounded a lot like Black Tux, a company that Zimmer had reportedly tried to invest in but was turned down.

Looks like zTux will make its first formal appearance at Dreamforce.

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