George W. Bush filmed a patriotic ad for Jeb Bush's super PAC

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s (R) major financial backers are finally rolling out an advertisement with perhaps the governor’s most prominent endorser.

The Bush-allied super PAC, Right to Rise USA, released an advertisement Thursday that starred former President George W. Bush.

As images of waving flags and fighter jets flashed across the screen, the former president touted his younger brother’s executive experience and ability to protect the US against terrorist attacks. 

“The first job of the president is to protect America. Our next president must be prepared to lead,” George W. Bush said. “I know Jeb. I know he has a good heart, and a strong backbone.”

“Jeb will unite our country,” he continued. “He knows how to bring the world together against terror, and he knows when tough measures must be taken. Experience and judgment count in the oval office. Jeb Bush is a leader that will keep our country safe.”

It looks like the ad won’t be the only role the former president plans to play in backing his brother’s candidacy.

The New York Times reported that George W. Bush is set to hit the campaign trail for his brother in South Carolina, a state where the former president’s poll numbers have remained positive.

For his part, after initially struggling to answer questions about his brother’s invasion of Iraq, Jeb Bush in recent months has embraced both his presidential father’s and brother’s legacies. He has continued to maintain, however, that he is “his own man.”

“Frankly, I’m proud that my father was president of the United States and I’m proud that my brother was president of the United States,” Bush said at a recent campaign event in Iowa.

“I’ve lived a very different life than my brother,” he continued. “My life experiences, I’m not saying are better or worse, but they’re different and we’re different because of that. He’s probably more disciplined and focused — I’m probably more cerebral.”

Watch the ad below:

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