George W. Bush Is Posting Cat-Pictures On The Website Of His Presidential Library

Presidential libraries are the homes of archives and other artifacts of the presidency, they are repositories of historical records, artifacts, and little collections tied to the presidency. 

And in the case of George W. Bush, it is also a way to post cat pictures on the internet. 

Just posted yesterday on the website of the George W. Bush presidential library is this gorgeous photo of Bob, a cat that was found on the Bush ranch and adopted by the family. 

Bob George W Bush cat full

Photo: George W Bush Presidential Library

From the Library:

The newest member of the Bush family is a cat named Bob. Bob was found on the ranch in Crawford and was rescued by President and Mrs. Bush in the summer of 2011. Formerly homeless, Bob now comfortably resides in Dallas with his new friends Barney and Miss Beazley. He enjoys playing with lizards, but he especially loves to search for the sunniest spot in the house to take a long catnap.



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