George Soros Thinks No Women Are Fit To Change The World

Cynthia Carrol

George Soros has put together an elite team of international economists and students of finance to remake the world in his economic image.

But he forgot one thing: Women.

Soros put together a team that spanned the globe, including members from the key emerging economies of India and China, from throughout Europe, and the United States. Their expertise is wide, ranging from politics to development, economics to financial regulation, but none of them are women.

Surely, Soros could have found room for one woman in his new, elitist smoking circle.

If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments.

Here are our ideas >

Meredith Whitney

Likes: Being on CNBC, marketing CNBC to women

Dislikes: Having to return to her office at Meredith Whitney Advisory Group LLC after appearances on CNBC

Interests: Making bold predictions about how the housing market is going to double dip

Meg Whitman

Likes: Selling things online, running for governor of California

Dislikes: The current tightness of California polls

Interests: Reflecting on her time at EBay, noting her now assured power buyer status

Gillian Tett

Likes: Editing the U.S. edition of the Financial Times, being ahead of the curve

Dislikes: When people say no one saw the financial crisis coming

Interests: Acronyms for new financial products

Mary Schapiro

When she steps down as Chairwoman of the SEC

Likes: Bringing those who would rip off the American public to justice

Dislikes: Bernie Madoff

Interests: Finding them, before they whisper you somewhat useful information

Christina Romer

When she steps down as Obama's chair of the Council of Economic Advisors

Likes: Coming up with ideas for job creation packages

Dislikes: Harvard

Interests: Wistfully thinking of the relaxed atmosphere at Berkeley, working with her husband on research

Sheila Bair

When she steps down as Chairwoman of the U.S. FDIC

Likes: Kansas and the Jayhawks

Dislikes: President Bush's bailout package

Interests: Blushing at talk of being named Treasury Secretary

Elizabeth Warren

Likes: Keeping a watch on TARP

Dislikes: Excessive spending on bank bailouts

Interests: Fighting for a Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Condoleeza Rice

Likes: Invading Middle Eastern countries

Dislikes: Subpoenas

Interests: The NFL

Heidi Miller

Likes: Being ranked number one woman in banking by US Banker

Dislikes: Parts of her business which aren't responding well to diversity or change

Interests: Being CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., Treasury and Securities Services

Mary Callahan Erdoes

Likes: That JP Morgan is collecting the world's top talent and investors in the wake of the financial crisis

Dislikes: Sleeping, not working

Interests: Being CEO of Global Wealth Management JP Morgan Chase and Co.

Diane Reyes

Likes: Aggressively targeting emerging market oil and gas opportunities

Dislikes: Telephone conversations

Interests: Being Global Head, Power, Energy, Chemicals, Metals and Mining, Global Transaction Services, at Citigroup

Asli Demirguc-Kunt

Likes: Researching development economics

Dislikes: The negative impact of finance's reach into the developing world

Interests: Being Chief Economist of the Financial and Private Sector Network and Senior Research Manager of Finance and Private Sector at the World Bank

Christine Lagarde

When she resigns as Minister of Economic Affairs, Industry and Employment of France

Likes: Being named best finance minister in the euro zone by the FT

Dislikes: Speculation

Interests: Making Paris a world centre of Islamic finance

Madeline Albright

Likes: Developing international strategy

Dislikes: Injustice against anyone, worldwide

Interests: Heading up the Albright Group

Angela Merkel

When she steps down as German Chancellor

Likes: Telling Greece off

Dislikes: The debt levels of other European states

Interests: Working with Sarkozy against villainous speculators

Cynthia Carrol

Likes: Looking for new mineral resources around the world

Dislikes: Being criticised over her company's labour rights issues

Interests: Being CEO of Anglo American PLC

Ho Ching

Likes: Managing $127 billion in holdings

Dislikes: Thinking about her mistake in buying Shincorp

Interests: CEO of Temasek Holdings

Brooksley Born

Likes: Being proved right about derivatives

Dislikes: Unregulated derivatives markets

Interests: Still campaigning for the regulation of derivates even after being shot down during her stint as chairperson of the Commodities Futures Trading Comission

Sallie Krawcheck

Likes: Heading up all of Merrill Lynch's brokers

Dislikes: Not being honest with investors

Interests: Being President of Bank of America's global wealth and investment-management unit

Blythe Masters

Likes: Inventing credit default swaps

Dislikes: What other banks besides her own did with the product she created

Interests: Being CFO of JP Morgan, raising her baby while not looking at commodities quotes

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