NPR Newsroom ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Taking Money From George Soros

George Soros

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Someone alert Glenn Beck.Last year NPR announced that it was accepting $1.8 million from the Open Society Foundations, which you likely know is funded by George Soros.

The money is being used to fund a local-national initiative, known as the Impact on Government project. According to NPR the plan is to have two public radio reporters in every state keeping tabs on state government issues.

So far, so good?  Not really.

The NPR newsroom was apparently less than thrilled that NPR had accepted Soros money.

NPR’s ombudsman Alicia Shepard writes that “a deep current of concern has run through the newsroom about taking money from someone with a well-known, documented political agenda supporting Democrats and Democratic causes.”  From one staffer:

“I remember the email announcing the Impact of Government project only mentioned the Open Society Institute…My cubicle mate immediately said, ‘Isn’t that Soros?’ We Googled to confirm…and were appalled that his name had not been included, as if the company didn’t think it was important or were trying to hide something.”

Apparently this discomfort is widespread.   So much so, President and CEO of Chicago’s powerhouse WBEZ stations Torey Malatia declined to even apply for the funding.