A Deeper Look At George Soros’ Big Quarter Of Selling Gold

george soros gold bug

Yesterday we noted how George Soros took the axe to a huge position in his the SPDR Gold Trust, eliminating 99% of his position in Q1, according to his latest 13F.

But that ETF isn’t the only way a fund manager can play through equities (remember, we have no idea what he’s doing with derivatives etc.). There are also miners.

So let’s take a quick look at Soros’ various position in miners, and how that compares to the previous quarter:

  • Barrick Gold: 8500 shares vs. 4800 in the previous quarter.
  • Eldorado gold: 21,000 shares, totally new position.
  • Goldcorp: 7100 shares, totally new position.
  • Great Basin Gold: 6 million shares, up from 5.1 million in the previous quarter. (This is a $2 stock, so not a huge position).
  • Kinross Gold: 1.3 million shares, DOWN from 3.9 million in the previous quarter. (This is a $14 stock, so this is actually some real selling)
  • Market Vectors Gold Miner ETF 9,800, down form 14,400
  • NovaGold: 3.5 million shares, WAY DOWN from 12.9 million in the previous quarter. (At $10/share, this is also substantial)

So, a little bit of moving in and out of things, and new positions, though all the really big moves are sales.

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