George Pell is keeping his job at the Vatican

(Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images)

Expatriate Australian priest Cardinal George Pell will see out his five-year appointment as the Vatican’s financial boss.

The Courier Mail reports that Pell will not step down on his 75th birthday in June, as some speculated, following his appearance at Australia’s royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse and that his continuation in the position has the blessing of Pope Francis.

Under church protocol, priests are expected to tender their resignation when they turn 75, but it does not have to be accepted.

Cardinal Pell said previously that he would not resign following a difficult three days of testimony via videolink from Rome in March, because it would be an admission of guilt.

He will continue for the next three years after being appointed to clean up the Vatican’s finances by the Pope in February 2014.

Following his royal commission appearance, Pell revealed that he had angioplasty and was fitted with a pacemaker “both provoked by travel to Australia”.

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