Jeb Bush's son is fighting over the Alamo

The alamoWikipediaThe Alamo.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush (R), the son of likely presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), is locked in a fierce battle over the Alamo — and the right to manage its enormous library collection.

The site of the famed military battle has become a contentious legal issue as its current caretakers, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT), launched a lawsuit last month to try and maintain control of the location.

“Bush is illegally trying to seize a 38,000-piece collection of Alamo memorabilia the Daughters of the Republic of Texas collected over a century, the Daughters claim in court,” Courthouse News Service reported Monday. “Adding outrage to insult, the Daughters of the Republic say, Bush warned them that San Antonio police would institute ‘special patrols’ around the Daughters’ library and museum, ‘apparently believing the DRT would attempt to remove its Library Collection to another location.'”

In a March 12 news release, George P. Bush announced his office had “move in a new direction” and end the Daughters’ contract. Bush’s statement was vague but suggested the Daughters were not up to the task of managing the site’s “operational needs.”

“The Alamo has always had the same owner — the people of Texas,” Bush said. “And so to meet the ever-increasing operational needs of the Alamo, the GLO has determined to change its day to day management from the DRT and move in a new direction. Together we will create a bigger, brighter future for this Texas shrine.”

AP581917734181(2)AP/LM OteroGeorge P. Bush, right, stands near his father former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush while he speaks to supporters.

According to Texas Public Radio, the Daughters have managed the Alamo for more than 100 years.

However, the outlet reported that “in recent years the non-profit heritage organisation has come under fire for problems with preserving the Spanish mission that was built in 1744 and became a battleground for Texas independence in 1836.” Accordingly the GLO said it “will now launch a nationwide search for a company to manage the Alamo.”

However, the Daughters believe Bush’s move here was illegal.

“In alarming fashion, the defendants have now unilaterally declared that Texas is the rightful owner of the DRT’s Library Collection,” the Daughters said in their complaint, according to Courthouse News Service. “This attempt by the defendants to illegally claim ownership of the DRT’s Library Collection is an unconstitutional taking by the state of private property.”

The San Antonio Current said the issue “could be the first real public controversy for rising GOP star George P. Bush, son of likely presidential candidate Jeb Bush who took over as Texas land commissioner last year. ” Jeb Bush is also the brother of former President George W. Bush and the son of former President George. H.W. Bush.

Bush’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment from Business Insider on Monday. They have previously declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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