Check Out This Interview With The British Chancellor Effectively Telling Scotland To Shove It

George Osborne

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ITV News’ Laura Kuennsberg has a fascinating interview with the British Chancellor George Osborne on the Scotland succession debacle.It really appears emotions are coming to the surface on the interview. Here’s the best part:

LK: Are you going to allow them to keep the pound?

GO: “All these issues are going to be fleshed out now and flushed out. The SNP is going to have to explain what its plans are for the currency of Scotland, what its plans are for the defence of Scotland when it doesn’t have the protection of the UK, what its plans are for the Scottish economy when its not part of a larger economy and able to benefit from UK companies like AstraZeneca. These are things the SNP has to explain to the Scottish people. they’ve been hiding behind the process and hiding behind the procedural arguments and this is the week when we move beyond those procedural arguments, we’ve settled what we think needs to be done and they’ve got to explain to the Scottish people how they could possibly be better off outside the UK.

LK:  But yes or no, would you let an Independent Scotland keep the pound now?

GO: “Alex Salmond has said Scotland should join the Euro that means giving up the pound, joining the Euro, that is not the currency I’d be wanting to join at a time like this.”

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