BUSTED: Upper Class UK Politician Caught In First Class Train Car Without The Proper Ticket

George Osborne

Photo: Flickr

George Osborne, the UK Chancellor, has something of a reputation for being snooty — both due to his privileged background and his harsh austerity budgets.As such, many in the UK are very interested that Osborne apparently sat in a first class train carriage even though he did not have the correct ticket. His aide even had the audacity to ask the train’s staff for an exception to the rules for his boss, rather than pay to upgrade his ticket.

Unfortunately for Osborne, Rachel Townsend, a reporter for ITV News, was on the train too. She live-tweeted the scandal:

Townsend has also put a story of Osborne in first class on the ITV News website. “George Osborne” is now trending on Twitter in the UK.

UPDATE: Amazingly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

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